Administrator has complete Permission of all Modules & Functionalities, They can create new users as well as make system wide changes

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Teachers can create Homework, Mark Attendance , Create Student Review, Permissions can be given to teacher for more activities

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Students can View Homework, View Attendance , message Teacher , View Exam Result and More, Permissions can be assigned to students

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Eduware Modules

All the modules of the ERP are inter-related yet independent to ensure easy implementation and maintenance of individual modules.

Key Features & Benefits Of Eduware ERP Software

Our software and services are mainly based around the following attributes:

Modern Technologies
Cloud education ERP is integrated with modern technologies like Feepayr, our portal for online fees payment and biometric & RFID technology which is supported
Support And Backup
When school & colleges seek ERP solutions for their institution what they are actually looking out for is a software which not only manages every teeny-tiny activity of the college but also ensures effective support, retrieval and efficacy of data.
Completely Customisable
College automation software has many functions, predetermined actions and tabs, thus will reduce the administrative work of colleges.
Free Training
One on one Online and Onsite Training on all modules for individual staffs. Eduware assures significant implementation and training sessions for college ERP software before installing it.
Free Implementation
Implementation is done in powerful computing AWS server
Free 24 X 7 Support
Free Support over Email, Ticket Portal, WhatsApp, Skype, Phone
Data Security
Moreover, It makes sure that data and confidential information of the college stays secure, under the vigilance of the admin and protected from external threats.
Cost Efficient
When ERP is cloud based, colleges do not have to invest heavily on hardware installations. The greatest functional fact is that it can have many users across different college departments.


A School ERP with generous features available in affordable plans for Smart Institutes

Basic Plan

Starting From
5,000 PKR/Month

Premium Plan

Starting From
7,000 PKR/Month

Enterprise Plan

Starting From
9,000 PKR/Month

Key Features Of Eduware ERP Software

Our software and services are mainly based around the following attributes:

Why Institutes Love Eduware ERP System?

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Amazing Benefits of Eduware ERP System

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